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Nouvelle Vague (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 20.01.2024

RINA PAVAR - A New Time (With Darcy Hard)
Popsimonova - Empty Eyes
ABU NEIN - City Of Dust
Massive Luxury Overdose - Drive
NECRØ- Surviving Pessimism
Die Sexual - Fate Awaits (Maduro Remix)
Ex-Hyena - In Slow Motion
Her Absence Fill the World - Hit & Run (Original Mix)
Sleek Teeth - Gone
SINE - Dark Matters
Grey Gallows band - Dying Light (ACTORS Remix)
The Violent Youth - 20s
Twin Tribes - Cauldron Of Thorns
She Past Away - Katarsis (Ash Code Remix)
topographies - Chain Of Days
Kontravoid - For What It Is
Poison Point - Mysteries In Fire
Agent Side Grinder - Look Within
Markus Midnight - Rhythm Of Our Work
Otchim - Assassine
Pixel Grip - Bet You Do.
ULTRA SUNN - This Is Not About You
mitra mitra - By Your Hand
Ash Code - Tear You Down
Hammershøi - Je Te Vois
Vox Low - New Place In Town