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Electro-Brunch (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 21.01.2024

Amnistia (Official) - Truth / Hurts / Lie
TC75 - Dating A Dead Man (Mildreda Mix)
R010R - Animus Detached (Feat. tEaR!doWn (official))
Caustic Grip - Beneath The Skin
Resistor - Time For Pleasure
Chrome Corpse - Megatank
General Dynamics - Oblivion Divine
Dirt Factory - Bones (Single)
Synaptic Defect - Get Out (Pyrroline Remix)
Corroded Pulse - Salvo
MATT HART - Deep Down City
Em1v - Truth
STATIQBLOOM - Atrophy Of Three (Live)
Run Level Zero - Red Moon
Retractor (Milton Morphklan) - Bless The Enemy
Circuit Preacher - Con Man
Reality's Despair - Dark Winter
Maduro - Feels Like Sin
Civil Hate - Crisis
Gaarn (Thomas Gaarn) - Shades
?????????????/Industrial EBM - Sin
Implant - The Drive
Cyberaktif - You Don't Need To See