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Nouvelle Vague (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 09.09.2023

Echoberyl - Fading Away
A.S. Valentino - Circle Of Dissonance
Sydney Valette - Knight Core
Potochkine - Eros
Hammershøi - Nuits Froides
JE T'AIME - Another Day In Hell (Zus Remix)
Boy Harsher - Lust
Fall Shock - Protect
Dead Cool - Nothing But Us
DSM-V - No Sign Of Life
Ash Code - Tear You Down
Noromakina - Dopamine
Die Sexual - Bound, I Rise
No+Ana - See Through
NNHMN - Your Body V.2
Plague Pits - Ghost Acreage
ULTRA SUNN - Broken Monsters
Dlina Volny - Hollywood
Palina - ?????
???? ????? - My Body Is Moving
Fluid Ghost- Memory Extraction
KOMPROMAT - Traum Und Existenz
SEXSOMNIA - Trauma (German Version)
Buzz Kull - Rise From Your Grave
M!R!M - When Nights End (M!r!m Remix)
Shosta - Tanz
Oliver Decrow - I Close My Eyes
The Rorschach Garden - New Life