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Lauschangriff 2.0 (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 15.01.2023

[basementgrrr] - Naked
Philipp Münch - mantra
Atropine - Knife Vision
Necro Facility - Anubis (Sidekick Mix By Interlace)
Spherical Disrupted And TC75 - Basalt (Wesenberg Rework)
STATIQBLOOM - Talons Teeth (Blue Moon Blood Version)
A.I. Zero - Disease Of Responsibility
Cardinal Noire - Narkomat
Protectorate - Necromancer
Human Vault - What dissolves the one
Vein Cramp - Rotten Calm
Interlace - Boiler Room
Mortal Void - Constantly Denying [Dubstation Mix by R010R]
R010R - brain death
Framework - Scene of crime
Jihad - Dark Electro - The Patron God of Embalmers
Mildreda - Stories
Fïx8:Sëd8 - Pale Light Shadow
Lpf12 - re.lie.able
Nick Jonath - LPF12 - Inhibition level (Compunction Remix By MC1R)
tonblende - MORE rmx (original by Amnistia (Official))
Samhain music - The Hole (Stanford Experiment)
Static Charge Disease / The Opposer Divinee - Stench vs Martin Sane [Fix8:Sëd8]