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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 14.08.2022

FFront Line Assembly- Neologic Spasm
SSplatterpunk- Psychoterminal
AAbscess- Triumph
Din_Fiv - Conspiracy
MMentallo & The Fixer- Legion Of Lepers
bbEnESTroPHe- Endangered Species
SSkinny Puppy- Addiction (First Dose)
BBy Any Means Necessary- Waste
AAmnistia (Official)- Curse
BBlack Agent- Concrete Sky
Induktor - MisLeader
Carbon 14 - Injury
DDead When I Found Her- Spitting Seeds
Beta - Fait Accompli (beta vs. Brutal Bastion)
IIC 434- Rats
PPAIL- Where we are
Interlace - Pinioned
Object - Mescaline Crisis
Impact Pulse - Without Fear
MMode Bionics- OVERMIND
TTerminal State - Electro- X-Riders
FFront Line Assembly- Replicant