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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 10.07.2022

Pyrroline - Day 45
tri-state - belle ÉpoQUE (Pyrroline RX)
Akalotz - Rise and Fall (PYRROLINE Remix)
Object - Existence on Trial (Pyrroline remix)
Sleepwalk (Official) - Conscience (Pyrroline Remix)
Frame of Mind - Nothing Else To Do (Pyrroline Remix)
Amnistia (Official) - Dissonantia (Broken Mirror-Remix by Pyrroline from the Mistakes Mirror Mind-Remix by Fïx8:Sëd8)
PYRROLINE - Song of Deliverance
Amnistia - Self-Defence (Respect-RMX By Nordschlacht)
tEaR!doWn (official) - My World (Rmx By Pyrroline)
Atropine - Erasing (Pyrroline Remix)
The opposer divine - Barb Wire Around Your Neck (Pyrroline remix)
Trilogy - Entombed Love (Pyrroline Remix)
kFactor - Symmetry (Pyrroline Remix)
tri-state - sYNOPSIS (Pyrroline RX)
Precision Field - Love & Debauchery (PYRROLINE)
tEaR!doWn - Insight - Pyrroline RMX
rebirth - #6240#Wired [PYRROLINE Remix]
Terminal State - Electro - Fatalist (Pyrroline Remix)
PYRROLINE - Effulgent (Red+Test Remix)