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Nouvelle Vague (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 09.06.2022

Minuit Machine - Sisters
Hante. - Wasting Time
Foie Gras - Sisyphus
Death Loves Veronica - LIES
A Projection - No Control
SEXTILE- Current Affair (feat. Sienna)
Odonis Odonis - More
Ringfinger - Floorsong
Sigsaly - koban- Your Enemy
Balvanera - Medium
S Y Z Y G Y X- Blurred Visions
Sexual Purity - Convulsion
Potochkine - Fleurs D'Hypnose
Sydney Valette - Station Stop
Paradox Obscur - Wild Silk
Milliken Chamber - Bodies
Cult Of Alia - A Voice Inside
Qual - Disease X
Rue Oberkampf - La Course
ULTRA SUNN - Sorrows & Tears
Velvet Kills - The Key
Sixth June - Never leave me
Lebanon Hanover - Living on the Edge
Bedless Bones - Limbs Entwined
S. Product - Let's Play (Eat Me Raw)
Twin Tribes - Still in Still (Dave Parley Remix)