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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 07.04.2022

NNHMN - Omen
Figure Section - Teardrops
ULTRA SUNN - Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Kontravoid Remix)
SDH - Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms - Maybe A Body
CONFRONTATIONAL- Keep Faith (Feat. Hélène De Thoury)
Minuit Machine - Don't Run From The Fire (Maud Geffray Remix)
Flesh of Morning - Dream
Rue Oberkampf - Hope and Fear
Hollow Reflection - Zee feat. Magenta (Designer Violence)
Sad Madona - Crimes
Blind Delon - Mask
Neonpocalypse - The Light
Kold Front - Boy
Dunkelwald - Ruinas (Single Edit)
Werner Karloff - Atemporal
Menthüll - Hull Sombre
Child of Night - Dirtworld
Paradox Obscur - Animal Reactor
Hante. - Bienvenue en Enfer
DEAR DEER Watch Me, I'm A Marauder
Claustraphobia - Repudiation
Festering Wounds - Bipolar - Single
Plague Pits - Golden Age of Carnage
Ductape - Sinners
Night Ritual - Like A Ghost (SHAD SHADOWS Remix)
Her Absence Fill the World - Neon Arabesque