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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 16.12.2021

Ash Code - Drama
SCHONWALD - Fall Apart
Justine Forever - I Don't Care
ABU NEIN - Waste
Agent Side Grinder - Decompression
Boy Harsher - Pain
S Y Z Y G Y X - Cold Touch
Black Nail Cabaret - Bête Noire
COLD CAVE - Nothing Is True but You
REPLICANT - A Taste Of Midnight
Noromakina - Overstimulation
Cyanbaal - Social Death
Dead Cool - Nothing But Us
Caput Medusae - Screamdance
Pleasure Victim - Reaper
She Past Away - Durdu Dünya
Molchat Doma - na dne
Standalone - Take Over
Fred Berthet- Mixteca Pueblo Feat.Maria Fernanda
Carlo Onda - Darker Days
Isocult - Slodeth (feat. Isla Ola)
STRIDULUM - Collapse
Claustraphobia - Lies
Cong Josie - Cong the Singer