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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 09.12.2021

Agent Side Grinder - Look Within
Kontravoid - Maskerade (feat. S.L.U.T.)
The Cold Field - Hunters
Iamnoone - Labyrinth
Minuit Machine - Don't Run From The Fire
Hante. - Insanity
Slow Danse With The Dead - Destination
Jason Priest - Dead Again
The Wake - Hammer Hall (Agent Side Grinder Remix)
Dead Astronauts - Missing Person (ULTRA SUNN Remix)
CIRQUE D'ESS - A Spooky Host (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
Paradox Obscur - Inferno (original mix)
Echoberyl - Salomé (Suffer Me)
JE T'AIME - Give Me More Kohl (Original)
NNHMN - Your Body v.2
Weareotchim - Danser
Broken Nails - I See You
Dlina Volny - Whatever Happens Next
Zviet - ?????? (Inogda)
Ductape - Sinners
Seasurfer - SOS
daddybear - Boss Bitch (feat Grabyourface)
Milliken Chamber - Bodies
LA MÉCANIQUE - Extravague
Neonpocalypse - The Light
Velvet Vega - It's Over Now