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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 28.10.2021

Incirrina - Holy Thursday
The KVB - Unité
Minuit Machine - Lovers Of The Night
Hante. - Respect (Kontravoid Remix)
Marble Slave - Safeword
ABU NEIN - Black Light (Feat. Henric de la Cour)
Blind Seagull - Stray
S Y Z Y G Y X - Light You On Fire
Astari Nite - Unfulfilled Promise
The Violent Youth - ??????
Boy Harsher- Tower
Linea Aspera - Solar Flare
Cong Josie - Cong The Singer
Curses Feat Cici - Gina Lollobrigida (Nabta Remix)
Dolgostroy - ?????? ?????????
Lebanon Hanover - The Last Thing
Rue Oberkampf - Es Versucht
She Past Away - Ritüel (The Soft Moon Remix)
The Rattler Proxy - Oscillation
ULTRA SUNN - Young Foxes
JE T'AIME - Give Me More Kohl (Original)
Kontravoid - Judgment
NABTA - Violence
Vilaine Dufrene - X.x.x.
Xibling - Latex Gloves
Zanias - Unraveled