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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 16.09.2021

BITTERBONES - Don't Look Within
The Mall - An Answer
HALLOWS - Shallow Waters
Balvanera - New Ways
S Y Z Y G Y X - Anxxx (Feat. ELZ and the CULT)
Dead.- Ice Sky
Lebanon Hanover - Hard Drug (Qual Remix)
Dlina Volny - Redrum
The Man & His Failures - Devastations
Broken Nails - Never Let Go
Cold Choir - Paper Flowers
Dead Cool - Rotten Mind
COLD CAVE - Promised Land
Tuxedo Gleam - Duress
CONTRE SOIRÉE - I'm a Monster
Blind Delon - Crève
JE T'AIME - Another Day In Hell (@Zus Remix)
Weareotchim - Blanc
Ash Code - Fear
Twin Tribes - Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)
Carnal Machinery - Boiling Blood
Doric - Start Of A Lie
Gulf Blvd - Agony in the Garden
Death Loves Veronica - Burn
Doppelhandel Music - Billy
We Own the Night - Lines