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Elektrokinetik (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 05.08.2021

Ash Code - Fear
Carnal Machinery - Boiling Blood
Bedless Bones - Ostara
Suzi Sabotage - Sacrifice (Carnal Machinery remix)
Boy Harsher - R.O.V. (New Beat Edit) // Part Time Punks session
She Past Away - Durdu Dünya
Years of Denial - Poison Door
Paranormales - Tigre - Velvet Condom Remix
CIRQUE D'ESS - A Spooky Host (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
S Y Z Y G Y X - Ultra Doll
ELZ and the CULT - Faith in Me
Paradox Obscur - Fester
The Man & His Failures - Devastations
Incirrina - The Smile
Kalte Nacht - Our Moments Are Answers (Digital Single)
Carlo Onda - Photographs
Karl Kave - Why So Cold
Gulf Blvd - Agony in the Garden
HALLOWS - All That Is True Dies
Echoberyl - Salomé (Suffer Me)
Bedroom Talks - So many Times
Rue Oberkampf - Es Versucht
NNHMN - Cold eyes
Sexual Purity - Alone
????? II / Glava II - ???