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Nouvelle Vague (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 29.04.2021

Intro: TERRORTRON - Hexed
Cold Cave - Promised Land
Aurat - Can You Hear Me
Black Spider Clan - Der Tod Ist Nicht Umsonst
Louisahhh - Love Is A Punk
Damascus Knives - What's Your Poison
Bestial Mouths - (A) Siren Calls (Void Vision Remix)
Milliken Chamber - Bodies
Hante. - Respect (Milliken Chamber Remix)
Boy Harsher - Lost
Dlina Volny - Redrum
Cirque D'ess - A Spooky Host (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
S Y Z Y G Y X - Anxxx (Feat. Elz And The Cult)
Halimun Triangle - Becoming Deleuzian
Echoberyl - Aliens (Night Gem Extended Remix)
Paradox Obscur - Abeyance
Ohne Nomen - Fell (Nightflower Remix)
Leere - Erik Voltage
Potochkine - Eros
Zanias - Extinction
Minuit Machine - Vanity
Xeno & Oaklander - Insomnia
Ortrotasce - Primitive Colors
Systeme Paradoxe - Paris Barcelone
Kælan Mikla - Draumadís
Mitra Mitra - A Means To An End