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Electro-Brunch (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 04.04.2021

AD:KEY - Alles Was Ich Will (single mix)
POUPPEE FABRIKK - Bring Back The Ways Of Old (12inch version)
Resistor - Bodybeat
Agrezzior - Never Wait To Hate
Aircrash Bureau - Still
System 84 - Forever
NZ - Trigger Me (Remastered Version)
Muscles On The Move - Muscles On the Move
SadoSato - Anti-Hipster - SadoSato (Original)
TENSION CONTROL - Ahoi Herr Kommandant
Zweite Jugend - Alte Schule
Orange Sector - Wir Sind Mehr
Leaether Strip - No Place Like Home
CHROME CORPSE - Swedish Ballistics
Spark! - Två Mot En
Syntet - Som du
MonöChrome - Two For Two
SPASSIBA - Dominar
Struck 9 - Bodyrage
Pagan Struck - El Pagano
ECM - Cayó
Akalotz - Take like a God
ELM - War Machine
ALL SYSTEMS OUT - Shame on you
RIOTLEGION - Liberation
Synthetische Lebensform - Accident
Visitor - Double Life
portion control - Traitor