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Nouvelle Vague (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 08.01.2021

ABU NEIN - God In Me
S Y Z Y G Y X - Kill the Pain
Reconverb - Odd Birds (S Y Z Y G Y X Vocal Remix)*
Push Button Press - Mire And The Sea (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
NNHMN - Cold eyes
Minuit Machine - Danger
Years of Denial - Rêverie
Dead Lights - Format The World
Dahakara - Love the Witches
ELZ and the CULT - Faith in Me
Twin Tribes - Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)
NABTA - Shaming Me
Agent Side Grinder - Decompression
Safyée - Torpedo Good Luck
Broken Nails - Mirror
Noromakina - Decay
Suffer Ring - Copy Of A
Incirrina - Dance Of The Dark
Cult Of Alia - A Voice Inside
Isla Ola - Gelaufen
SPECIAL INTEREST - Street Pulse Beat (Boy Harsher Remix)
She Past Away - Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix)
DILK - Pluto
Slow Danse With The Dead - The kisser of Wounds
Standalone - Take Over
Blind Delon/Contre Soirée - Mensonges