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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 17.10.2020

Imperial Black Unit - Maidan
High Wycombe - Death Instinct
Cold Therapy - Fading
DCO - Dark Control Operation - Backlash (GRANDCHAOS remix)
Red + Test - Holy War
Morticians - Art Of Pain
Anhedonia - Stir up the Dust
FRETT- Two Cups
2nd Gen - Irony Is
Datacode Division (official) - Retribution
Placebo Effect - Move (Animation Remix)
Vomito Negro - Black Plague
dISHARMONY - Immortal [original by Deadjump]
Mildreda - Anthem of Tomorrow
Lucifer's Aid - Control Yourself
Instans - Wrecked
v01d- All The Rage (Will Not Be Silenced)
The Geography Projectt - Winterstorm (Grimmix