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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 12.09.2020

Placebo Effect - Dreamland
Fix8sed8 - Love
Static Charge Disease - Remains vs Junior [kFactor]
Seven Trees - Black Ice
Tc75 - Desire
G.o.l.e.m. - Weakness
Orpin Own - Brain Teaser
Last Influence Of Brain - Why Are You Waiting? [by The Opposer Divine]
Terminal State - Natural City (Jihad Remix)
Depressive Disorder - Gula
Numb - When Gravity Fails
Red + Test - Holy War
Frett - Two Cups
The Geography Project - Winterstorm (Grimmix)
Distorted Memory - Lose Control
Statiqbloom - Ersatz Gaze
R010r - Brain Death
Nick Jonath - Engross The Mind (OBJECTized Vocal Dissection)
Tri-State - Genelaw
Object - Existence on Trial (Pyrroline remix)
tEaR!doWn - Mirror