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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 30.05.2020

2nd face - Movement
Abscess - Pendulum
Pro Patria - Godless
Die Form - Bite Of God
Fektion Fekler - Diabolic Changes (Side Effect Mix)
Proleturan - Bitter World
(((EBM Radio))) - Jingle By FullContact69
Full Contact 69 - Narcisstic And Vain
Brain Leisure - Defect (Tyske Ludder Remix)
TC75 - Dating A Dead Man (Mildreda Mix)
Vomito Negro - Baby Needs Crack
FIX8:SED8 - Parasite Paradise
Amorphous - Our Deepest Fear
Frontier Guards - Reload
Last Influence of Brain - Invasion introverted (Amnistia Modification Remix)
Surveillance - Voyeur (Amnistia Modification)
Jihad - Degree of (Im)morality
Static Charge Disease - Stench vs Martin Sane (Fix8:Sëd8)
G.o.l.e.m. - Delayed
Les Berrtas - Stadt der Engel
KnK - Empty Future
Pyrroline - Fellow Passenger
Morticians - Bounty Hunter
Sleepwalk - Hypnotic (Tri-State Remix)
Neon Cage Experiment - Shadow Of Words