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Electro-Brunch (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 30.06.2024

Randolph & Mortimer - Existing, Not Living
Spammerheads - Human Hysteria
Chrome Corpse - Megatank
Batch Id - Slav För Dig (Stockholm Wrecking Crew Remix)
High-Functioning Flesh - Flash Memory
AUTODAFEH - Exercise Your Brain
Gamma Vortex - Heel To The Master
909distortion - Agent Doom
Caustic Grip - Early Onset 50
Akalotz - Aktivate You
Night Terrors - Date Night On Union Station [objectified] (Object Remix)
Klack - Beat Unity
?????????????/Industrial EBM - Bullfighter (Club Extended Mix)
TET - Provocation [full Force Version]
GEttNER - I Don't Belong Here
spankthenun - Desolation Unknown
Control I'm Here & Ruin The Mind - Black Heart Emoji (Call Me Now)
Kontravoid - Turn Away
Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi (Alen Skanner Remix)
Leaether Strip - Back To Industry
Lucifer's Aid - Take It From Here
Orange Sector (offiziell) - Farben (Original Single Mix)
Petrified Entity - Alone (Reprise)
Necro Facility - Intense
Teknovore - Citadel Feat Biomechanimal
Pending Position - Ballerina
AkMD - Smother The Pain (Suppression Of Pain by bent)